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I would like to invest in rental properties on behalf of myself, my family, or my company.

IRR calculation represents an equity-weighted average annualized internal rate of return (IRR) for realized real estate investments of offerings by Cadre since the formation of our Investment Committee through to the date of calculation, after deduction of fees and expenses. Equity multiple represents the investment multiple on equity, which is calculated by dividing the aggregate realized proceeds for the applicable investment after deduction of fees and expenses. For recently realized investments, an estimate of proceeds to vehicles managed by Cadre may be used. The use of a different methodology may result in a materially different return metric. Our realized investments consist of: (1) Avida, 421-unit multifamily project, located in Salt Lake City UT, acquired August 2017, realized net IRR of 16.8% and realized net equity multiple of 1.4x, (2) Skyridge Apartments, a 364-unit multifamily asset in suburban Chicago, realized net IRR of 15.0% and net equity multiple of 1.4x, (3) Sugarloaf trails, a 268-unit multifamily asset in Suburban Atlanta, realized net IRR of 27.4% and net equity multiple of 1.8x, (4) Astoria Portfolio, a 143-unit multifamily asset in Queens, NYC with a realized net IRR of 15.1% and a net equity multiple of 1.4x, (5) Crestleigh Apartments, a 389-unit multifamily asset in Laurel, MD with an updated target net IRR of 10.2% and a net equity multiple of 1.6x, (6) Trails Portfolio, two multifamily properties totaling 810 units in Houston, TX with an updated target net IRR of 22.4% and a net equity multiple of 2.0x, (7) Solis at Winter Park, a 596-unit multifamily asset Winter Park, FL with an updated target net IRR of 18.1% and a net equity multiple of 1.7x.

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